Snap Custom Pizza

Hello, fellow gluten-free eaters! Things are starting to look up– summer is right around the corner– endless sunshine, Capri’s water ice, and family vacations. As I finish up the tail-end of tests and exams, I’ve discovered some great new eateries around the area. Being a teenager myself, I like to think pizza is a main/the-most-important food group for all teenagers alike (and its not just me, right?).

Snap Custom Pizza is a relatively new pizza place in Ardmore. I can’t say I have actually been in person, however I felt the need to write about it simply after eating their gluten-free pizza. Yes, they have a gluten-free crust option with only a $1 additional charge. I have to say, that is the smallest minimum charge I’ve ever seen– honestly it’s outrageous how much extra items can cost when they are gluten-free. Anyways, during crunch time for exams, I tried a delicious Farmer’s Market Pizza. Garlic, mozzarella, mushrooms, roasted peppers, arugula, cherry tomatoes, ricotta on a thin, crispy, and yummy gluten-free crust– the whole deal. Now that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and yes, they do have many other prefixed options, however what they are really known for is their custom pizza. It essentially takes six easy steps to create your ideal pizza: choose a foundation, pick a sauce, choose your cheeses, add some protein, throw on your vegetables, and finally garnish with finishing touched. It’s that easy. And for a set price! And we all know we have certain foods we just aren’t a huge fan of and certain toppings that we can’t stand on pizza, hence making a custom pizza sounds a like a dream come true (at least I think it does!).

Going back to the crust for a minute, just a note, I really enjoyed the crust! And it can be hard to find good gluten-free crusts, however if you’re not a fan of thin crusts, I would not recommend this. No, it’s not as thing as the crust from Jules Thin Crust Pizza, however it is quite similar to Udi’s Pizza Crust in thickness. Not necessarily a bad thing or a good thing, but rather something to keep in mind.

Anyways, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, definitely a great place with great pizza!




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