Sweet Bakery

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

2015. A new start, another chance to do or be something great. Taking that mentality in stride, throughout this year, I’ll be blogging about places I have eaten at or traveled to during 2014 that I did not have the chance (or rather time) to blog about. In other words, 2015 will bring #throwbacktravelposts consisting of restaurants, bakeries, and eateries with great gluten-free options when traveling the world! This way, I can share all the wonderful, hidden GF options the world has to offer (see the travel section).

This past summer, I spend the tail end of break road tripping across the east coast with my family. As we traveled from city to city, I was honestly surprised by the visibly growing awareness of celiac disease and eating gluten-free. Early on in the trip, we visited “the Hub”. I hadn’t been since I was five- and my only vivid memories were of “quacking” while on the duck boat tours and buying a jellyfish stuffed animal from the aquarium. So obviously we had no choice but to experience Boston the touristy way this time around. So day one we walked the Freedom Trail from start to finish. And you’ll be surprised by the numerous gluten-free options along the trail. There were a couple Clover food trucks scattered throughout and nearby the trail, but the real treat was the delicious GF cupcakes from Sweet Bakery.


Sweet Bakery has six locations spread across Boston. As I passed the Downtown cupcakery while walking the Freedom Trail, I spotted a sign on the window saying “we have gluten-free cupcakes!”. Of course we had to pop in and try the cupcakes- it would literally be a crime not to. Since Sweet Bakery does not have a dedicated gluten-free bakery, they get their GF cupcakes from an alternative gluten-free bakeries to prevent cross-contamination. I ordered two mini GF red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. These cupcakes were from a local Boston bakery called “Glutenus minimus”. I might be slightly biased because red velvet is my absolute favorite, but these gourmet cupcakes were exquisite. You can find Glutenus minimus baked goods in their bakery in Belmont, MA or many other bakeries located in Massachusetts. So if you ever find yourself in Boston, enjoy the rich history the city has to offer with a sweet cupcake in yourself hand!




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