January 2015: Trader Joe’s GF Brownie Mix

This is questionably the most disquieting and rejuvenating time of year. Rounding the last corner of 2014, some of us leave behind familiarity, take comfort in the newly found ability to change, and seek a new beginning. Others are content in with their choices and their seemingly inevitable fate and pray for nothing to change. Some choose to confront our actions of the past year and others choose to move forward without taking a glance at the powdered rubble that lay where they once trekked.

Where do you stand as a new year and new opportunity stand right before us? Are you smiling as you replay back intimate, cherished memories in your head from the year past? Are you regretfully looking back on a year full of mistakes ready for a clean slate? No matter what events transpired in 2014, 2015-or simply the mere idea of a new year- can bring about a fresh start or a reminder of who we are and who we want to be.

How are you going to play the next chapter in the game of life? Well, that is that’s up to you, my friend.

* * * * * *

And the holiday baking continued. Over this winter break, a friend of mine kindly baked me a batch of gluten-free brownies. It’s not too often people are willing to share their baked goods (obviously with good reason) – so do be appreciative of when they do!

They were absolutely de-licious. In each bite, the brownie crumbles apart in your mouth into a perfect combination of silky chocolatey-ness with an immensely chewy texture. I thought I had reached a heaven for brownie-enthuiasts with Betty Crocker’s GF Brownie Mix; however, I was shocked to find that these Trader Joe’s brownies hands down beat out the former reigning champion. Now, mind you, I did not bake these brownies, so I can only pray that they will turn out just as good when I do. Additionally, to mix things up a little, my friend added chopped walnuts to the brownie mix for a little nutty flavor. If you would like to experience the perfection of gluten-free brownies, simply purchase the baking mix from Trader Joe’s, follow the directions on the box, add some chopped walnuts, and voila!

Happy baking and cheers to the endless possibilities the new year may bring!



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