Time to Give Thanks

 “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

It is the season to give thanks. To express your gratitude to the people that surround you for their unwavering and relentless love through your struggles and successes. To feel grateful for waking up each morning with a new day on the horizon. To not take for granted shelter and warmth, your health, and the food on the table before you. It’s time to travel near or far to gather together with friends and family to appreciate what you have in your life.

And of course, to enjoy a feast.

Thanksgiving is a day full of love. Love for the lovely people cooking up a storm in the kitchen. But more so, love for the  storm that is annually cooked up in the kitchen. Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving dinner? It’s filled with carcinogenic turkey, thick homemade gravy, seasonal sweet pumpkin pie, and many other holiday favorites. But what about those of us who are gluten-free? With these recipes and trading out a few ingredients, you can enjoy all your favorite traditional dishes without compromising on the taste and flavor!

Let’s start with the stuffing. It is an integral part of the Thanksgiving meal- and an easy swap to make it gluten-free. Most stuffing recipes call for diced bread, so simply switch the wheat-based bread with a gluten-free option. Udi’s GF White or Multigrain Bread would be substitute. Alternatively, you could make gluten-free cornbread and use cornbread in the stuffing.

What is turkey without gravy? Nearly every gravy recipe out there calls for wheat or all-purpose flour. The flour is what gives the gravy its thick texture. However, every Thanksgiving, I whip up some gluten-free gravy using Simply Organic’s Brown Gravy Seasoning Mix. I swear by it- it’s easy, flavorful, and gluten-free.

A staple part of the Thanksgiving diet, and the most important in my humble opinion, is dessert. Typically, you can find me indulging in a slice of pumpkin, apple, and and/or pecan pie. And it’s easy as pie to make gluten-free. You can make a nut-based crust or just buy Wholes Foods Gluten-Free Bakehouse’s Pie Crust. It’s a frozen, remade gluten-free crust that I have used every year for pumpkin and pecan pies! Or if you’re not a big fan of pie, I have a great pumpkin bread pudding recipe that turned out really well last Thanksgiving.

In addition to these swaps, you can try making my cheesy green bean casserole, which always makes an appearance at the Thanksgiving table, or candied sweet potatoes, which is always a family favorite.

And remember, be thankful for the delicious gluten-free meal you’re going to devour on Thursday!




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