Dia Doce

This post may be rather premature; however, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share this wonderful new gluten-free find!  For those of you who haven’t heard of Dia Doce, have you ever watched Food Network’s Cupcake Wars? That’s right, Dia Doce was not only on the show, but they were winner of Cupcake Wars!

I had the pleasure of encountering Dia Doce’s cupcake truck at a sporting event. As a hardcore and loyal (well, at least during the summer) Food Network viewer as well as an avid Cupcake Wars fan, I was elated when I saw the “Cupcake Wars: Winner!” sticker on the truck. Usually I walk right past any food trucks offering baked goods, breakfast foods, or any other gluten-filled food groups. However, my friends were eyeing some of the uncommon yet mouth-watering flavors listed on the chalkboard propped up next to the truck. And how could I pass up exploring who the winner of Cupcake Wars was? That would be a betrayal to my allegiance to the Food Network. So I joined my friends. That’s when I spotted the asterisks at the bottom of the list: “*gluten-free/vegan options available!*”. I was ecstatic!! They had two GF flavors on the truck- vanilla berry and chocolate chip banana (or a similar variation of the latter). I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the cupcakes, so I bought a vanilla berry cupcake there and then. The man in the truck was aware and knowledgeable of the restrictions that come with gluten intolerances and allergies. He, of his own, offered to pack the gluten-free cupcake in a separate container from the other cupcakes (I bought my cupcake in the same order as a group of my friends).

Although I haven’t had the chance to visit the gourmet cupcakery, I had to post about my wonderful surprise when running into the cupcake truck! The vanilla berry cupcake was like no other. It was light, fluffy, and moist. Very difficult qualities to find in gluten-free cupcakes. And it tasted like pure happiness. Doesn’t vanilla berry just sound yummy? I am definitely looking forward to visiting Dia Doce in West Chester in the near future or running into the truck again!




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