Gluten-Free on Halloween?!

Hello, lovely people! Unfortunately we haven’t crossed the finish line on the marathon to gingerbread houses and Christmas carols as yet, but do not fret, we have another holiday pit-stop racing towards us! This Friday is a night for laughs and scares, to be yourself and to be someone or something else entirely, to rekindle your inner kid spirit and to solemnly swear never to do it again at the end of the night. But most importantly, it is a night notorious for us fellow celiacs to slip up and down a chocolate or two that may not be gluten-free.

Yes, I understand that those adorable fun-size chocolate bars don’t have ingredients listed on them- heck most halloween candy doesn’t! That’s why it’s imperative you do your research before so you can enjoy a fun-filled night without anything interfering with your schemes and shenanigans. Below you can find two great links to the most updated list of gluten-free Halloween candy. Please take the time to browse through and make a mental note of any candies or chocolates you thought were gluten-free but do not appear on the list. Steer clear of those on Friday night!!

Please feel free to comment with any specific questions regarding staying safe and eating gluten-free on Halloween or simply your favorite Halloween treat!






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