Uno Pizzeria and Grill

And we’re back. These past two weeks I’ve been road tripping along the east coast hitting the big cities and rekindling childhood memories and friendships. Although I had throughly enjoyed the summer hiatus, it’s time to share with all of you my latest gluten-free discoveries. When exploring the heart of Providence, we stumbled upon an “Unos”, and I was delighted to learn that they have an ample selection of gluten-free dishes. First of all… (drumroll please)… yes, they do in fact serve gluten-free pizza! Wooo! Although it’s becoming increasingly common to find restaurants that serve gluten-free pizza, I still jump with joy like a kid on Christmas morning every single time. I can definitely vouch for the veggie pizza. It may sound a little too conventional, however classic’s never disappoint. The combination of mushrooms, onions, green peppers, mozzarella, and romano on a thin crust was perfection. It was nearly as good as Udi’s Thin Pizza Crust which is hands down my favorite gluten-free pizza crust. In all honesty, I ate five slices of that veggie pizza! I have never eaten so many slices of pizza before in my entire sixteen years of existence! In addition to the veggie, cheese, and pepperoni pizzas, Unos serves burgers on gluten-free rolls (Udi’s rolls to be specific). It’s always nice to see a restaurant that offers a gluten-free bun rather than seeing that oh-so-disappointing asterisk next to the burger saying “without the bun”. And if both burgers and pizzas don’t sound all too appealing to you, Unos offers chicken and seafood dishes, steaks, salads, soups, and a decent variety of side dishes. I am happy to be able to say that the gluten-free menu is extensive. It’s not too often that I can say that and mean it.


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