August 2014: Whole Foods Thai Ginger Marinade

“There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart”

These fleeting summer months are coming to an end. So go outside, seize the day, and get a little extra vitamin D! Before you know it, it’ll be Labor Day weekend- the last chance for barbecues and wearing white jeans. These past few months, we have been doing a lot of grilling. From salmon on cedar planks to tandoori spiced chicken to thai peanut veggie skewers.

Now, typically I like to do pizzas or cookies or rolls for the product of the month. Something that’s originally not gluten-free, but I have discovered a great alternative. However, this month, I’m sharing with you a new category of products that you may not have known could contain gluten: sauces, dips, dressings, and marinades. Many sauces use wheat flour as a thickener in addition to or as oppose to cream or butter. Apparently the flour adds “a little something” to the texture. So when browsing for a new red pasta sauce or a new variety of ranch dressing, remember to read the label!

As I’ve had a little more free time on my hands, I’ve actually managed to go to a grocery store! Believe it or not, it’s been months since I’ve been inside one because of my crazy schedule! So at Whole Foods, we recently bought a new thai ginger marinade. We’ve been grilling veggies skewers, chicken kebabs, and even paneer (an Indian cottage cheese like dish) in these marinade. It is finger-licking-ly, lip-smacking-ly delicious. (Yes, I’m going to make up my own vocabulary as we go on.) However, my favorite, by far, was the cedar plank thai ginger salmon. Now, maybe I’m slightly biased because grilled salmon is a treat in my family. We typically bake our salmon- now when I say we bake it, I mean we really bake it. Until the weird whitish yogurty stuff starts seeping out of the pores of the fish- do fish even have pores? So, yes, having grilled, not overdone salmon was wonderful. Simply wonderful. But more importantly, the combination of the thai ginger flavors and the hints of the cedar’s essence were exquisite. So if you do swing by the grocery store, so give this a try before the summer’s up!




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