June 2014: Goldfish Puffs Mega Cheese

Howdy! It’s been a pretty quiet month on the blog, but I’m excited to say that things are about to change! I have some big plans for this summer… And yes, they involve food and a kitchen! So anyways, as you can tell, I barely managed to squeeze in this month’s product of the month, but as I always say, better late than never, right? I’ve been wanting to try this product for awhile, but initially I couldn’t get my hands on it. As I awaited the day I would  finally eat gluten-free goldfish, I had built pretty high expectations. And unfortunately, the product did not live up to my idealized standards.

I was expecting a gluten-free carbon copy of the much-loved, cheesy snack. Sadly, the snack didn’t smile back! Goldfish Puffs are essentially large, golden, fish-shaped Cheetos. They are nothing like the small, Cheez-It like goldfish. I suppose I should have realized they wouldn’t or rather couldn’t be the same because the packet indicated it was “baked” and they are titled Goldfish Puffs. If you enjoy Cheetos, you will definitely enjoy the light and airy snack with a big flavor. However, they are nothing like the original goldfish. Honestly, a closer gluten-free alternative would be Schar’s Cheese Bites- the only thing missing is the fun goldfish shape! Also, they have other flavors aside from Mega Cheese. The other two flavors are Cheddar Bacon and Buffalo Wing. Honestly, those artificial flavors don’t sound quite appetizing to me, but again, if you are adventurous with your Cheetos flavors, then heck, go for it!

So overall,  this product left me with mixed feelings. As goldfish- they disappointed me because my expectations for one of my favorite childhood snacks were not met; however, as a snack- they are not half bad!

Any new gluten-free products on the market that you’ve tried? Comment below!





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