May 2014: GinnyBakes Coconut Oatmeal Bliss

“Better late than never”

I’d really like to pretend that I’m not writing my product of the month review on the last day of May. Everything about this screams procrastination. Literally it should be my middle name. Now I may be a pro when it comes to the tips and tricks of living gluten-free, but I’m sure as heck an amateur when it comes to managing and budgeting my time! But we all learn with experience, right? At least I like to believe that.

What a month it’s been. A month full of testing. I’m sure we’ve all had it with the abundance of standardized testing, AP exams, and final exams that the glorious month of May brings. All the same, it’s also been a month of celebration. That’s right, today is the last of Celiac Awareness Month. So, wear your green clothing proudly and be happy for the wonderful reality being gluten-free has now become. It didn’t use to be so easy. But with the ever increasing awareness of celiac disease, we have a bright future ahead of us. And that is something to celebrate.


Bliss. There isn’t a more fitting word in the dictionary. Have you tried any of ginnybakes‘ products? I am relatively new to this company, but I am wholly inspired by their mission and story. They are striving -and have succeeded- at making gluten-free both healthy and delicious- two qualities I have found are scarcely found together. I have only had the pleasure of making the scrumptious coconut oatmeal cookies. This unique combination may be a risk, but it definitely paid off. The oatmeal adds texture to the cookie while the coconut naturally sweetens it. Now, I bought the baking mix for this product, but it is also sold in a box of eleven cookies. I do want to get my hands on a box to compare them to the ones I baked! I also have bought the pre-made chocolate chip love cookies. However I’m waiting until June comes around to try them out (now that doesn’t mean I won’t dig into them first thing tomorrow!) because I’ve had my fair share of cookies this month. From Hope’s Cookies to Betty Crocker’s GF Chocolate Chip Cookies to my recent discover of ginnybakes delightful cookie products, it’s been a cookie kind of month! I most certainly ended Celiac Awareness Month with a bang!

What are your favorite gluten-free cookies? Feel free to comment below!




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