“Enjoy the little things”

… And it’s already Memorial Day Weekend! Gosh time flies by. Hope you’re soaking in the sun and getting a little extra vitamin D that the prolonged winter deprived us of. Celiac Awareness Month is coming to an end, so I’m going to try my best to sneak in a few more posts before the month’s over.

Nectar is one of my all time favorite restaurants. I haven’t had the opportunity to dine there as often as I would’ve liked, but I have been there enough to know that the summery contemporary decor + the excellent Asian-inspired food (with a French flair) make it a wonderful place to dine. The venue is perfect for a spring time party- you can use the patio and open the window-paneled doors for a breeze. The buddha statues bring through the Asian theme while the bright orange decor is a nice contrast that gives it a modern edge. For the private event I hosted there recently, we adorned each tableset with sandalwood fans and mini take-out boxes with handmade French chocolates.


As for the service, we had a terrific server named Bob managed to keep straight a variety of allergies and dietary restrictions. The group had one gluten-free gal (guess who?!) and three pescatarians, one strict vegetarian, one peanut-free, and one nut-free gal. Quite a crew, right? But that just attests to how on top of everything our server was.

Anyways, the food. Absolutely delicious. For an appetizer, they modified their crispy goat cheese salad to a “true leaf organic greens salad with pickled root vegetables.” The crispy goat cheese was lightly fried in a glutinous batter. However, the pickled root vegetables were quite interesting (for the better). I can’t quite think of anything just like it. Maybe the closest thing- which is still a bit of a stretch- would be a spicy Indian pickle called achar. But this was a more of a sweet Japanese version if that makes any sense. For the main course, I ordered a classic: a spicy tuna roll. When there is sushi, you get sushi. Need I say more? And for desert, the chef was extremely accommodating. The private party menu had said dessert was a “fantasy finish.” Now honestly, what does that mean? Well considering we had no idea what to expect, I was delightfully surprised. There was a slice of gltuen-free chocolate hazelnut bread, a vanilla mousse with apricot jam, and a strawberry sorbet.


Hopefully you’re tempted enough to give this place a try. Enjoy the long weekend!




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