Howdy y’all! It’s like Christmas all over again! (minus the snow, the tree, the festive lights, and the caroling) Just add some cake and candles and there you have it folks… a few (okay, more than a few) days back, I celebrated my birthday!

My family and I went to a lovely restaurant on the mainline called Tango. Coincidentally, (or not so coincidentally) this happens to be my brother’s favorite restaurant. Although the contemporary American cuisine can be both exciting and risky in the more-so adventurous choices, it’s the location of the restaurant that really adds an edge. Tango is located just off the train tracks of the Bryn Mawr train station. And what’s really cool is that the restaurant features a Train room that is similar to a dining cart as the trains zoom by the window. You can even feel the tables shaking when a train speedily passes by!

Let me start off by giving kudos to Tango for having a gluten-free menu that corresponds with their complete dinner menu. I was very intrigued by the Shrimp Dumplings, for an appetizer, as I’ve never had GF dumplings before. And I’m happy to say the first time left a good impression! The Shrimp Dumplings didn’t resemble your typical steamed-pork dumpling when taking out Chinese food, but rather it had a crunchy, fried outer coating filled with minced shrimp. Although they were delicious, according to my brother, they were not quite dumlping-like. For my entree, I settled on the grilled rainbow trout served with basmati rice and sugar snap peas. The combination of toasted almonds, lemon, and capers to top the grilled fish added flavor and a zing to it. Believe me, I’m usually criticizing a piece of meat or seafood for being too bland! This is a dish I’m looking forward to recreating at home with my own twist.


If you do get a chance to go, I recall wanting to try the fish tacos (don’t worry, they use corn tortillas!). However, the trout is definitely worth a try.




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