Honeygrow is a trendy and chic eatery that lies on City Ave. Before I had the pleasure of eating here, I doubted the originality and (please excuse my informality) freshness of the restaurant’s message. The whole idea behind it is simple: “honest eating & growing locally.” Great, I thought, this will be like another Chipotle or Sweet Greens. Now, don’t get me wrong, I always have an appetite for Sweet Greens and an appreciation for Chipotles’, what I like to call, “world-friendly” message (environmentally and people-friendly). But I wondered, what would set Honeygrow apart?

When you enter, I feel like you’re in modern, nearly futuristic, clean and sleek atmosphere. The architecture of the building and inside is clear-cut, simple, yet the simplicity draws the eye. Aside from the aesthetically pleasing look (for those of you who have a taste for contemporary styles), the food is superb. Honeygrow features Stir Fry, Salads, Smoothies, and a Honey Bar. There are touch screens monitors on which you can either create or choose a pre-made order through visuals of the food items. The Stir Fry option consists of noodles, rice, or lettuce, vegetables, seasonings, proteins, and a homemade sauce. Some of the Salads have a slight fusion asian twist. And the Honey Bar, which unfortunately, I was too full to try this time, consists of fresh fruit, a garnish, and local honey. I found the concept very refreshing. Froyo, otherwise known as frozen yogurt, was a hidden treasure that was highly sought after, but when discovered by the public, it went mainstream. While I do hope the Honey Bar maintains its status as a rarity, I want people to experience it (including myself!).

The other day, when I ate my first meal at  Honeygrow, I came to realize how gluten-free friendly it was. When I was creating my own salad, each dressing on the touch screen was labeled with a (GF) for gluten-free if it was indeed free of gluten. Made my life a while lot easier! As for the Stir Fry, I will have to try it next time. I was quick to assume that the stir fry wouldn’t have any gluten-free sauces because of the asian fusion influence in the restaurant’s cuisine. I, however, was proven wrong. The stir fry sauces are labeled identically to the salad dressings with a (GF). Additionally, on top of the counter where you place your orders (next to the touch screens) is a convenient, little sign saying “Ask about any allergies. Notify the staff.”

I would love to see this unique restaurant become a sensation across the nation like Shake Shack. Except the message is one that should be proudly carried “honest eating & growing locally.” Look out around town, Honeygrow is expanding! Two new locations are being added in 2014!




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