Larabars: Latest and Greatest Eats

Hope everyone’s looking forward to a relaxing and rejuvenating spring break! That is, unless you’re a lucky college-folk who’s already taking advantage of the vacation. The winter months can be hard to push through with the overwhelming homework load, sports, and activities making for a hectic lifestyle. Not so long ago, I had been introduced to my new best friend: Larabars.

Until recently, I was undeniably a hard core KIND Bar and LUNA protein bar advocate. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still love my KIND Bars, especially anything with the scrumptious sweet and salty combination (Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew and Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt). And who can resist the dense, chocolately protein bar flavors that wholly satisfy your hunger?

However, Larabars are made of solely whole and natural ingredients. Each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients; it is simply just unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices. Believe me, I know I sound like a corny ad for Larabars that’s singing its praises. But have you ever looked at the ingredients list on a typical cereal or protein bar? I bet there are ingredients on the label that you wouldn’t have ever heard of! On the contrary, in the Apple Pie Larabar, there are six simple (and understandable) ingredients: dates, almonds, unsweetened apples, walnuts, raisins, and cinnamon. So far, I have only tried the Apple Pie, Cherry Pie (btw, Happy Pi Day!), Cashew Cookie, and Chocolate Chip Brownie. But I am looking forward to my next trip to Wegman’s (my go-to grocery store for GF items) to buy some new flavors. I have been eying the Carrot Cake flavor on Larabar’s website. The last time I ate carrot cake was before I was diagnosed with celiac!

Additionally, Larabar is affiliated with offshoot brands such as ALT, Jocalot and uber. Now, I can’t vouch for ALT and Jocalat as I have not gotten around to trying these bars. Although I do have a Lemon Poundcake ALT bar in my pantry just waiting to be tasted! Having said that, I can definitely attest to the delectable uber bars. I have so far eaten five of their eight flavors. Let me warn you, they are addicting! All uber bars have that irresistible sweet and salty combo. Out of the Banana Foster, Cherry Cobbler, Coconut Macaroon, Roasted Nut Roll, and Sticky Bun, I would say the Roasted Nut Roll and Coconut Macaroon are my top two favorites. But I am dying to try the new Dark Chocolate Peanut flavor.

Now that you’re drooling all over your keyboard wanting to try some Larabars, go ahead buy one or two (or a dozen)!



P.S. For any of you who may be worried that these bars are just too good to be true, I took this off Larabar’s website, “GLUTEN FREE/CELIACS LÄRABAR®, über®, Jŏcalat®, and ALT® bars are Gluten Free. They have no gluten-containing ingredients, and we have manufacturing controls in place to ensure that there are no cross-contact concerns. We also periodically verify our practices using Gliadin gluten testing.”


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