After a long day of roaming in and out shops in Times Square, we all agreeded to dining at Greek joint called Molyvos. This typically busy restaurant was having a slow evening because of the fireworks for the Fourth of July! Our intentions were to grab a bite and head back to Time Square and towards the pier to see the renowed fireworks. Unfortunately we didn’t make it because we were enjoying such a great meal!

There was no gluten-free menu, but the waiter was well informed and double-checked everything with a superior. I started out by having a cured salmon tapas (bite-sized) followed by grilled apricots with haloumi cheese, which was shared by the family. The apricots were rather exotic, well at least that’s what I thought until I ordered my entrée. I decided to be adventurous and ordered an appetizer portion of grilled octopus! I do wish it was minced or at least cut up a little, but it wasn’t. I will spare you the details. However, the sucker was surprisingly delicious! And last but not least: dessert. I had an ice cream taster that consisted of two scoops of almond praline and one of honey vanilla. I would go back just for that almond praline ice cream!

I would strongly encourage you to dine at Molyvos if you are in NYC and particularly in Times Square. The restaurant is located in Midtown West so it’s not much of a hike from the bustling touristy areas. Please check it out!




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