When going out to celebrate out of my friends birthdays, she chose to dine at Paramour in Wayne, PA. The cuisine is American, but with a distinctive modern and contemporary twist to it. We all had to dress up for the occasion, because the restaurant is classy and chic. My friend knew of my allergy and informed the restaurant beforehand, allowing them time to notify our waiter of appropriate gluten-free choices for dinner.

When walking in, on the left is a sports bar, straight ahead, I caught a glimpse of a private room decked in bright oranges and contemporary furniture. On the right was a posh little table with five of my friends eagerly waiting for me to arrive. Resting on our napkins were small fragrance sachets. I still use mine in my room at home; the scent of ‘Petals of Spring’ never fades away. Additionally, each of us were treated to caramel covered marshmallows. I considered saving mine for my brother, but that plan was quick fall through!

The waiters brought around a variety of rolls and breads, which I had to skip out on. But I was quite satisfied with the earlier sweet treat! For my entree, I ordered the Chop Chop Salad without the turkey. I guess I just wasn’t feeling the meat that day. A rather large portion of salad came out about ten minutes later with carrots, goat cheese, beets, golden raisins, and almonds well mixed in. I throughly enjoyed the salad as I was pretty hungry at that point!

After our belly were full and top buttons opened, we proceeded to the private room! I was very excited to see the colorful room that had caught my eye once more. The room was posh was furnished with a large sofa and many armchairs in the center. A chandeliers glistened above us, and the waiters brought out a birthday cake. We sang and hugged. After heading back to the table, other were brought slices of a red velvet cake, and I was delighted to have a waiter give me about four gluten-free dessert items to choose from. I ended up picking the Cherry Port ice cream. The ice cream was delicious, but after I couple bites, it dawned on me that it had a distinguished taste of wine. I naively had not picked on the play of words of ‘port’. Port has meant port wine. The ice cream was still very good with whole cherries and a French vanilla base, if I’m not mistaken. I would strongly recommend dining at Paramour, and I’ve heard they do superb brunches as well!




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