For a late bite on a Saturday night with friends, we stopped at Verdad, a European Latin restaurant on the mainline (of Philly). They have a tapas style menu as well as a tequila bar. The atmosphere was great, and our server was very friendly. The waiter was prompt to tell us the gluten-free options.

For a shared appetizer, we ordered the Strawberry Habenero Guacamole. Our waiter assured us that the chips served on the side were corn tortilla chips, but there might be cross contamination in the kitchen. Depending on how severe your intolerance to gluten is, you can make the decision whether or not to eat foods that are gluten-free, but are prepared in a facility that deals with ingredients containing gluten. I personally am okay with eating gluten-free foods made in a kitchen that has gluten. So, I enjoyed the unique flavors of the guacamole with the corn tortilla chips. This was no ordinary guacamole. It had finely cut pieces of strawberry and kiwi as well as habenero peppers. This was hands down the best guacamole I have had. As for the main course, I ordered the Bibb Salad. I ordered it by the recommendation of a friend, and boy did it live up to it! The salad had blue cheese, granny smith apples, spicy cashews, and was topped off with lavender vinaigrette. I would strongly recommend the Bibb Salad and guacamole to anyone dining at Verdad. I am excited to return to this restaurant and explore the rest of their menu!




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