Aux Petits Delices

Finally, the time has come: my first bakery review! As a fellow gluten-free foodie, you know as well as I do that bakeries contain all the wheat flour filled goodies that we are deprived of. Is this a gluten-free bakery? Sadly no. But it has many gluten-free treats for us to munch on along side with our friends!

This fine French bakery is well known for its pastries, chocolates, and cakes. Located in the heart of Wayne, PA, its one of the “Main Line’s” best bakeries. You absolutely must try the handmade chocolates. Simply ask which ones are not contaminated with gluten. My favorites include the Louvre, a white chocolate with the center of marinated raspberries, and the Hazelnut Diamond, a milk chocolate filled with hazelnut cream and fresh hazelnut. They are simply divine!

You may be thinking, okay, I’ve got to try some fancy chocolates, but any baked goods? Well, of course! The French bakery offers a specialty gluten-free cake menu. I have ordered one of these cakes (made of almond flour and potato starch) almost every year when my birthday rolls around. My two favorites are Citronelle which is an almond cake with lemon filling, and Delice which is a chocolate mousse with hazelnut crunch. I have yet to try all five year-round gluten-free options. And I’ve heard the macaroons (gluten-free) are just scrumptious!*




* I finally got around to trying the macaroons and would definitely vouch for them! The vanilla bean and raspberry ones are my favorite.


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