For a celebratory Mother’s Day dinner in the city, I dined at Chima in Philadelphia. Now don’t confuse Chima, a Brazilian steakhouse, for Chifa, a restaurant I previously blogged about having a Chinese Peruvian fusion cuisine. Chima is a chain restaurant that has locations along the East Coast. Now, if you have never been to a Brazilian steakhouse, you must try it! If you have been to one, like Fogo de Chao, Chima follows a similar concept. You are presented with three courses: a self-serve salad bar, meats that are brought to your table with the flip of a card, and of course, the much awaited dessert. The waiter was kind enough to ask the manager to print out a gluten-free menu for my convenience. He also offered to make originally glutinous meats without the pre-made seasoning that contained gluten. They were flexible and ready to make accommodations, but the service was rather slow.

The salad bar, personally my favorite course, was laid out in a self-serve buffet style. I had a delicious Endives Salad with blue cheese and pecans as well as a hearty vegetable soup that I would recommend to all. Following the salads, cold cuts, cheeses, and soups, I flipped my card over to the green-colored side(indicating I was ready for some meat!). Waiters came over with chicken wrapped in juicy bacon, a salmon accompanied by a passionfruit sauce. I was in for a treat! After flipping my card from red to green and feasting on the cheese balls and polenta that were complementary to the table, I enjoyed the final course:dessert. Although I was slightly limited in my choices, I settled on a refreshing palette cleanser, raspberry sorbet. Although the trek to the city can be time consuming, the unique Brazilian cuisine, is worth your time and taste!




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