White Dog Cafe

Meal #1

After an early morning crew practice, I was treated out to a brunch at the White Dog Café in Philadelphia. I had previously been to the branch in the suburbs, but this was my first time going to the original White Dog! I loved the city location and atmosphere, but one of the greatest highlights was the convenience in terms of gluten-free options. Their select brunch menu clearly labeled all gluten-free options. I had a spinach salad with gilled chicken, honey-glazed almonds, golden raisins, and vinaigrette. I also ordered a hot-spiced chai tea, which was perfect for the weather. Overall, a great restaurant with unique options that I am glad to be able to try!

Meal #2

When dining at White Dog on a Saturday night, I was treated to some new dishes that I had not tried before! As the weather is getting warmer, I went for my usual spinach salad with White Dog’s iced tea (I would recommend it—it comes in a Mason Jar!). But after my main meal was the real treat. I tried two incredible ice cream flavors, and a strangely appetizing sorbet. The maple walnut ice cream was delicious, but I favored the honey ice cream. As for the sorbet, I had avocado sorbet! It was unlike anything I had tasted before. For those who are adventurous in their food choices, but typically held back when its not gluten-free, I strongly recommend these desserts on warm day!




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